Under the present circumstances, we find ourselves in; we have to minimize the risk of spreading infection and, conversely, getting infected. Aside from the obvious method of catching it directly from another person, one other method is touching surfaces, objects, etc that someone infected has touched. The coronavirus can survive for varying lengths of time on different surfaces.

Looking around the community, if everyone follows the rules, the obvious surfaces that people will touch regularly are things like banisters, lift buttons, bins, etc. This is overcome by simply washing your hands before leaving and after returning, to your apartment.

Most surfaces, such as the banisters, and such, are what could be described as “passive” type surfaces, in that people won’t have, necessarily, touched the same surface someone else has. However, there are surfaces that are “less passive”, such as lift buttons, bins and the water machine. The bins and lift buttons are easily dealt with by simply following the simple hand washing rules.

The water machine however is more “complicated”. Other than touching the surfaces of the machine itself, you are placing the bottle on the surface of the machine and then returning the bottle to your home. As an extra precaution, it has been suggested that as well as washing your hands as normal, that you clean the bottle before and after you use the machine.

I am not a scientist or doctor, this advice is given purely as a suggestion, which at the very least will minimize any possibility of such cross-contamination.

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