Our local Correos lady (Postwoman -or probably more P.C. – Post person) – has made arrangements with Graham & Julie to have all mail and parcels delivered to their apartment. Thereafter arrangements will be made to have the mail deliver This is to ensure the lady can conform with her code of conduct regarding the Coronavirus19 working practices and to ensure we continue to get our mail. Thereafter arrangements will be made to have the mail posted in your mailbox.

If you are expecting a parcel, please make Graham aware of it do a. he is aware of it and b. that you are here.

That all said, Graham nor Julie will take possession of any letter that requires to be signed for and is sent from the Hacienda, courts and such like. That is not to be awkward. Rather it is to stop any owner, or themselves, getting into trouble with the authorities as a lot of such mail is time-sensitive. When the letter has been signed for, the “timer” start, no matter who signs for it.

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