Following several comments regarding the mail during the “lockdown period”…….

A system was put in place with the agreement of Correos, at the start of the “lockdown”. The system being that Graham Cathcart and Julie Lincoln would take all post delivered by Correos and thereafter have it distributed to owners by Ian & Penny Tomlinson. That system has worked very well from the start of lockdown. Owners also made Graham and Julie aware of parcels that were expected to be delivered. When these parcels were urgent or over expected due dates Graham or Julie spoke to Correos about them.

Due to the lockdown throughout Spain the normal speed of Correos handling post was coming from outside Spain was obviously slower than normal. Also, the speed of delivery locally, by Correos, has been badly affected for obvious reasons.

In way of example, Graham himself JUST took delivery of a small packet that was sent from UK on 4th May 2020. That is over 2 months ago.

Some owners have subsequently suggested that we do not have a system in place OR that those involved in the system haven’t been doing what they should have been OR been out when the post has been attempted to be delivered. This could not be further from the truth. Even since the lockdown rules have been relaxed, Graham and Julie have curtailed their own movements ensuring that one or other was at home on delivery days. Bearing in mind that they are informed when deliveries will be made, approximately. It should also be understood, that they also agreed a plan with Correos on what to do if they were not present. So even that problem was accounted for.

These suggestions seem to stem from owners going to Correos and discovering a lot of mail waiting to be delivered to Winter Gardens. That does NOT equate to Winter Gardens not having an appropriate system in place to accept delivery from Correos.

DESPITE mail sitting waiting to be delivered at the local sorting office, Graham and Julie have taken delivery of fewer than 24 pieces of mail, from our Correos delivery person this week.

If an owner has mail or a parcel that is urgent and they feel should have been delivered by now please contact Correos or the carrier. All owners are asked not to try and circumvent the agreements put in place.

We also suggest that owners do not make an official complaint against Correos regarding this situation. TGB did this for us previously and it was the individual post lady who got the blame when it had nothing to do with her personally and she, herself, was “punished”.

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