During the week beginning 10 August, we began seeing a problem with the mail again. With only 1 delivery made again during that week. This culminated in mail being delivered under the door of block 2 on Tuesday 18 August, with no attempt of contacting Graham or Julie. That mail consisted solely of “Aviso De Llegada” notices…. Notices to pick up mail / parcels at Correos office , San Miguel. All these notices (6 in total) were time stamped at 1625 when both Julie and Graham were both at home. Therefor, it is easy to assume that no actual attempt was made to deliver the parcels / letters concerned, rather the notices were merely delivered under the portal door. We can also fairly assume it that this was NOT the work of our regular post lady, as she does not work at that time of day.

During last weeks Community meeting, prior the very subject of the mail was brought up and several things discussed regarding it. The bottom line of those discussions being that Miguel (Administrator) was going to contact Correos to find a solution to the problem. Till yesterday Correos were not returning messages left by Miguel or he was unable to speak to the person concerned.

After last nights events, Philip has been in discussion with Miguel to advise him of the further development. Miguel in turn make further attempts and perhaps take a different route in order to a satisfactory conclusion to the problem.

That all said, we are aware of a couple of owners who have gone to the Correos offices, made complaints, tried to “negotiate” their own solution and such like, This is NOT helping the situation…. Regarding complaining about the post lady, this only, as outlined in a previous blog post, gets her personally into trouble, when she has been very helpful during the last few months and worked with the community. She is part of the solution, not the problem, and it is being made to appear to her, that we are going against the agreements made with her. Regarding personal solutions, these are only muddying the waters for the entire community. Therefor, so that we can reach a solution as quickly as possible, we would ask tall owners not to do any of the above. It isn’t helping. If you have a problem with mail please let us know and we will deal with it.

That all said, owners have also identified how long mail is taking to reach them, presumably based on the “normal” time it takes for mail to arrive. This is not solely a problem with Correos, rather it is a general problem with all mail and packages, be it deliveries made through normal post or private courier companies. In way of example……..

  • Recorder delivery lying days at various “chains” of its delivery route
  • Parcels sent by private courier taking weeks rather than days because of hold ups at customs offices etc.
  • Numerous online companies WARNING about parcels etc taking longer.

Albeit there is a problem with Correos, much of which the present Covid situation is playing a large part of, they are also being “blamed” for late mail when the problem doesn’t lie with them.

The committee and administrators are looking at various ways to solve the problems being encountered, which to be fair do not normally exist. Normally, TGB would be open and they deal with the mail for us, including the problem of packages. We will update you when we have any further information.

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