4 thoughts on “Another photograph of our new pool”

  1. Neal Hodnett

    Following my earlier question about the pool gates I’ve seen from committee minutes that the signage is going to be improved so apologies for not noticing this before and raising an unnecessary question.
    Heather Hodnett.

    1. John Gilchrist

      Heather – no need to apologise – I am delighted that you take the time to send suggestions, you take the time to look at the Community Website and you take the time to read the Meeting Minutes – just wish more owners would follow your great example – even though we have 70+ registered owners with Website logins at a guess I would estimate less than 10 owners actually login to the site.

  2. David Barnard

    On the whole the refurbishment has been completed to a good standard although there are a large amount of chipped tiles between the grey pool perimeter and the brown tiles
    Are there any plans to give Dimurol a snag list?
    Also the original mosaics have been left in 2 areas between the main pool and the children’s pool which looks very poor although I’m not sure whether this was part of the contractors scope of works or was done in house
    As l said the project has been completed to a good standard although some of the finishing in my view requires attention

    1. John Gilchrist

      David – have passed on your comments to the President and Vice President – I know the contractor is coming to site tomorrow morning to inspect and attend to current snagging list – I am sure the points you raise will be discussed and action taken if deemed necessary.

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