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The fault in the pool heater system has now been fixed. The heater is now working 24 hours per day and we expect to get the pool temperature back to an acceptable temperature around 24-25 degrees over the course of the next week. It is almost impossible to achieve the desired temperature of 27 degrees due to firstly the very cold air temperatures currently being experienced overnight and secondly due to the old age of the current system which is considered to be no longer fit for purpose.

The pool heater developed a fault on Saturday 3rd January 2015 and is currently out of order. We expect the problem to be repaired on Tuesday 6th January. Due to the very low air temperature overnight once the repair has been completed it is expected to take 4-5 days to get the pool temperature up from the current 18 degrees to a more acceptable 24-27 degrees. 

During the recent storm a small, white patio table was blown from an apartment balcony and landed at the edge of the bowling green nearest to Block 4. If the owner wishes to reclaim this table then please contact Community President John Gilchrist.

Also all owners must take care with items they leave out on their balconies as the very high winds we experience occasionally here in Tenerife can cause such items to be blown off and create a danger to others. Best practice is for owners to place all balcony furniture inside their apartment when the premises are going to be vacant for an extended period and also if owners or guests are residing in an apartment to again move balcony items indoors until the high winds cease.

The Committee have decided to convert all the small round bins throughout the complex into plant pots. Owners must make sure guests using their apartment dispose of their household rubbish in the proper manner. For those living in Blocks 1,2,3 and 4 clear instructions should be on display inside your apartment advising guests to take their rubbish to the large bins located in the garage under the bowling green. For those living in Blocks 5 and 6 clear instructions should be on display advising guests to take their rubbish to the large bin located on the top road between the end of Block 6 and Parque Albatros. Thanks for your support in this matter.

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