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Works to repair damaged areas of the ceiling and walls in the top garage under blocks 5 and 6 will commence on Monday 1st May. Please contact Alejandro if possible and assist by moving your vehicle out of the garage whilst repairs are being carried out. Likewise if you are not in Tenerife but you have left a car key with somebody who is then again please ask them to contact Alejandro to assist.


Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Alertcops App

Saturday, June 6, 2015
By Maria Teresa Velasco

MLVelascoAn App that everyone should have on their phone: Alertcops is an application designed by the Spanish Interior Ministry as a public security emergency help for anyone living or traveling in Spain. 

The idea is to provide a quick and efficient way of communicating with the security forces (National Police and Guardia Civil), in cases of emergency either if you are witnessing or a victim of a crime.

The application is presently running on Apple iOSdevices and Android phones (there is also a plan to launch a Windows Phone version in the future). The application is in Spanish or English and there is also a French and German version planned.

The great advantage of this application compared to calling an emergency number of the Police or the Guardia Civil (091 and 062 respectively or the 112) is that a smartphone can record and transmit to the security forces the GPS location of the crime, making unnecessary any need to describe the location of the crime (especially useful for a person unfamiliar with the area).

Moreover, the request for intervention will be assigned to the team more likely to intervene quickly.

Alertcops was originally launched in August 2014 in Málaga, Alicante and Madrid. Over time the application has been updated and improved several times.

Where can I use Alertcops?
At the time of writing the app is working in the following Autonomous Regions: Andalusia, Asturias, the Canary Islands,Cantabria, Galicia, the Balearic Islands, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia and Ceuta and Melilla. In Castilla y Leon it is only available in Valladolid.

How does the App work?
First you have to download and install the App from the iTunes App store or the Google Play Store (search for alertcops). On first use the app will ask the user to register. You can register using your NIE , DNI or your passport number. 

Once the registration is done the app is fully functional. You will need of course an active internet connection on your smartphone. You will be able to add more information or register additional phones from the website

From the main application page you will be able to select the type of situation that requires an intervention. The app will immediately contact the Police or the Guardia Civil and transmit the geographical location of the alert. Most of the time an agent will get in touch with the user through a chat line in the language of the application (English or Spanish).

Success stories:
The list of success stories of this app is very long. Many gender based cases of violence were solved with help of the app. More recently a hiker that was lost was helped by the Guardia Civil through the chat line and received detailed instruction on how to find the way back without the need of physical intervention.

I would like to take this opportuntity to wish all owners at Winter Gardens a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Also a reminder that the 2017 Community Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday March 14th at 11.00am and I would encourage as many owners as possible to attend. Full details regarding the AGM will be sent to all owners in the next few weeks. 

Due to essential maintenance the swimming pool and sunbed area will be closed for ONE day on Tuesday 8th November. The top locks on the pool doors will be locked and residents in block 3 will need to use the stairs access adjacent to block 2 - if you know of any resident in block 3 who is in a wheelchair or who is unable to negotiate stairs please let Alejandro know and he will assist.

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